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Meet My Pup is a free social networking site for dogs and dog lovers. We make it easy to post photos and videos of you and your pups. Enjoy all members photos/videos and follow your favorites! Utilize the adoption and meet up sections targeted at your area, enjoy blogs and search all topics, users, breeds, and hashtags to narrow down what you’re looking for.

We are compatible with desktop, tablet, and mobile. Tested and working on Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, iPad & Android tablets and iPhone & Android phones.

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We are here to answer all your questions. Please refer to the Q&A below for detailed questions and answers for common issues. However, if that does not answer your question please refer to the email listed at the bottom of the Q&A for our personal assistance.


We have developed this site as a “no frills” social networking site for dogs and dog lovers. We want to make it easy to post pictures and videos of your “pups” (and you if you choose), connect with other dogs and dog lovers, enjoy and be helped by the blogs, adoption, and information we post. With that said, here are some questions we anticipate some may have about our site, with answers:

Q: What if I have more than one dog? Do I need to create a different account for each dog?
A: This is a personal preference. You may have an entire pack of dogs on one account with pictures of all of the pups or separate accounts for each dog if preferred.

Q: How do I post photos on the site?
A: How to: Photo upload:
To upload a photo simply click on the button at the top of your screen that states ‘post a photo/video’. Then click browse or drag and drop your photo inside the box. Once you have chosen a photo add a description and click ‘upload photo'.

Photo upload from iPHONE (mobile version):
Click the button that states ‘post’. Browse photos in your phone or take a photo. Once you have chosen a photo add a description and click ‘upload photo’.

Q: How do I post videos on the site?
A: Click the button at the top of your screen that states ‘post a photo/video’. You can choose from ‘upload video’ to choose from your personal videos -or- you can choose ‘share video’ to copy and paste a YouTube URL link.

Q: How do I connect with other dogs and dog lovers?
A: We created the ‘ALL' page to make this easy to connect with other dogs and dog lovers where ever they might be. You can browse endlessly at photos, videos, meet ups and adoptable dogs in your area. You can narrow this down by searching for specific topics, breeds, hashtags users etc. on the top search bar. You can view other users profiles and follow them so you don't loose touch, once you follow them you will be able to find them on your profile page under the ‘following’ tab.

Q: How does MeetMyPup keep my information private?
A: We are committed to keep profile information you share with us private. We use a secure server, as well as password encryption. You can view our privacy policy and terms and conditions in the page footer for more details. Also, located under your profile drop down box under HELP.

Q: Does MeetMyPup sell or share any of my information with other sources?
A: No, we do not sell any of your information. Please refer to our terms and conditions policy in the page footer or in this help section for a detailed description of how we share information with third parties.

Q: Can I remove content from meetmypup.com?
A: No, our site layout and content is copyrighted. You can only remove content from our site by getting our written permission first.

Q: How do I report inappropriate content submitted by another member?
A: You can email us at contact@meetmypup.com. Please write in the subject line REPORT. We do monitor the site several times daily and remove content that violates our privacy and terms policies.

Q: Can I block another member from seeing my profile?
A: We currently do not have a report action button on our site. However, if you see inappropriate content please email us at the email below.

*Please send us questions and comments you have about MeetMyPup at contact@meetmypup.com. We want your feedback! We love dogs like you do, and want to showcase them in a way that is fun, entertaining, informative, and creative.

Please view our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.